Found Signs Of Snow Leopard Around Jomsom

By on 15th May 2017

14th May 2017: Thank you to everyone for your love and suggestions on how to get well….the drugs thankfully worked 🙏🏽

Today was an incredible day around Jomsom….we climbed a ridge with this view and found big cat pug marks from 2 animals!!!!

Unfortunately no scat but we interviewed one of the villagers (Niraj Thakali) and there are apparently 4 snow leopards in the area!

I learned a lot about the issues of snow leopard-human conflict from this man…that the farmers are not adequately compensated when their livestock is taken.

And with common leopards now moving up into snow leopard territory due to climate change he said that a device like what we’re developing will be very useful for knowing just what animals they’re dealing with.

Walking just a small distance also made me realise just how difficult it is to monitor snow leopards (it’s very very tough!) and the importance of using the local people wherever possible….creating schemes where they have the incentive to take control of conservation efforts….am so inspired!!!


Dr. Natalie Schmitt

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