Last Day In Mustang:

By on 23rd May 2017

May 18th 2017: Last day in Mustang and what an incredible one up high in the mountains!! We stumbled across a couple of goat herders who we were able to interview….what was clear was that they wished the snow leopard was not around as they have so far taken 270 of their goats and they receive no compensation.

This is a huge cost to their livelihood and their lives are so tough. What if we could find a way for them to earn money through conservation?!!! Now there’s a thought! Dibesh and I are working on some ideas and I’m filled to the brim excited!

Unfortunately no snow leopard scat however, we found scat from a number of native ungulates Dibesh collected for his biodiversity spatial mapping, another potential pug mark and I managed to conduct an interview with Dibesh himself on the challenges of snow leopard conservation

I now have more than enough footage for a short documentary…..stay tuned…and I’m feeling sad to leave but incredibly blessed!!