Meeting The Folks At HART:

By on 23rd May 2017

May 19th 2017: We visited the Himalayan Animal Rescue Trust in Pokhara on the way back to Kathmandu who very generously gave £1000 to the project.

They are an independently funded charity aimed at improving the quality of life for Pokhara’s animals, particularly its street dogs.

Their work is phenomenal and they’ve managed to neuter and vaccinate (against rabies) around 70% of the female dog population!!

What’s even more exciting is I’ve now linked them up with CMDN who have been studying canine distemper and the link between dogs and native wildlife. Such a beautiful way to end an amazing trip 🙏🏽

Please donate to this generous foundation…your money will go directly to helping the animals ❤️🙏🏽