This Is Me

By on 9th March 2016

A2-_001AI’m a conservation genetic scientist and documentary film presenter. My passion is in exploring new genetic techniques to assist in the monitoring of rare and elusive species as well as developing holistic and community-driven solutions to conservation.

Through my PhD with the Australian Antarctic Division and involvement in projects on endangered species, I have conducted international collaborative research which has improved, and will continue to improve, our understanding of population structure, animal movement and behaviour by providing scientific advice to inform Australia’s policy position at the International Whaling Commission (IWC).

My work is also assisting in the conservation of Australia’s endangered marsupials.

As an international science presenter and documentary film maker with Discovery Channel and National Geographic, I have worked in developing countries and have seen the close relationship between poverty and unsustainable practices which have greatly impacted species biodiversity.

By empowering people in the right way we can achieve amazing things in conservation.

My passion is also in combining art with conservation science to educate and inspire people on the interconnectedness of all things and the importance of conservation work

I’m currently gathering funding for a project which is set to revolutionise the monitoring of endangered species in the field and the monitoring of illegal trade too.